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Our Story

Our journey during the decade of Cape ownership and rental business.   The photos to the right show you our family and some of the memories we've made at the Cape over the years as well!

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The Forgotten Coast

Cape San Blas, our fabulous secret we're willing to share with you. Uncrowded pristine beaches!

Sunset at Port St. Joe Marina

Beautiful sunset over the bay at the Marina. You can eat dinner here or rent a boat and explore the bay!

Relax, Fish, Swim, Reconnect and Recharge

No hustle, no bustle. Just beautiful beaches, clear water, great fishing, swimming and more.

We're Known for Our Sunsets!

The sunsets on Cape San Blas are gorgeous year-round. This shot is from the deck of Beach Cliff.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Escape to Cape San Blas and Beach Cliff or Beachy Keen for a fantastic, relaxing vacation!

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About Us

Coming Full Circle -- back to the very beginning

You can read all the details below if you wish, but the short story is the Eiler family welcomed guests into our home at the beach from 2004 to 2014. We have been guests, owners, and the rental agent.

We were not a big company, but we became long-time members of the Cape San Blas community. We "got by with a little help from our friends" and still know a lot about the area and what to do or where to stay.

From Guests, to Owners, to Management Company, and Back to just Guests!  We've "Been There, Done That"!

We first became familiar with the area when we visited as guests and rented a beach house, just like you're considering doing. We fell in love with the beautiful uncrowded beaches, clear water, gorgeous sunsets and friendly people. We loved it so much, we became an owner of a vacant lot that very first trip! Over the next five years, we stayed in a variety of places on Cape San Blas, making notes of the things we appreciated as renters in a vacation rental.

In 2004, we were lucky enough to fufill our dream of a house at the beach. Our kids have grown up at Beach Cliff, and we've made so many family memories there! Laurel was always active in working with guests for Beach Cliff, and in 2006 she decided to see how she would do taking on rentals and management of the house herself.

Rentals Cape San Blas, LLC, got its humble beginnings in 2006, when Laurel Eiler decided to begin manging the family vacation home, Beach Cliff. We wanted to offer our home as pet friendly, because Cape San Blas is such a popular destination for families who want to bring their dogs along on vacation too, just like we do when we bring our Miniature Schnauzers Gabby and Schultz with us to the beach. A few friends, also dog owners, asked to add their Barrier Dunes units to the website. RentalsCapeSanBlas.com was launched and over the years, Laurel found herself building a business which grew to 13 properties at one point. The plan had been to take "early retirement" from our professions in Nashville and move to the Cape when our youngest started college in 2010.

Life has a way of changing, though, and as of now we're going to be staying in Nashville a while longer while our son finishes law school and our daughter studies an honors global business program. As a result, we decided to scale Rentals Cape San Blas, LLC, back down to our personal properties. We have now sold both of those homes and are back to being happy visitors to the area, just like you!

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